The Merchants

The Lord-Merchant Zulfikar Raheem was having his cargo stolen by pirates. At the end of his rope, and his resources being utilized elsewhere, he paid the Rainwalkers to put a stop to it. It seems that Zulfikars own seneschel was skimming profits and feeding information to rival factions.

It seems the Kasballica Mission was intentionally trying to derail his merchant dynasty. Zulfikar had one more request for the Rainwalkers: keep the Kasballica Mission distracted for a few more weeks.

The trail to the Kasballica Mission was through Zulfikars godson Farouk Shukri. They met the younger merchant and he had a proposition. If they could stop an Inquisitor from seizing his cargo he would introduce them to the Kasballica Royal Council.

The Rainwalkers had found the lair of the elusive Inquisitor who had been investigating Farouk Shukri. His name was Inquisitor Grimwaldus and he had declared himself of the Ordo Eraticus. He saw his brethren as not being strict and punishing enough and decided to lead his own sect.

The Rainwalkers defeated him and many of his converts. Men and women of the Narco-Tribes who were fighting for promises of pharmaceuticals and drugs. It seems Farouk’s problem was solved for now.

They Rainwalkers followed the hidden paths through the Hab-Fanes until they found a hidden little bar. Inside was the man who they had to impress. Once they made it past them they met with a few members of the Cold Trade organization.

For the Rainwalkers to prove their worth they would need to fulfill a job. That job was to unseat Zulfikar Raheem. However, it was far too dangerous to attack him now.

Instead the Rainwalkers were asked to go to one of Zulfikar’s mining colonies and establish a reclamation facility for xenos artifacts. This would destroy the compact that Zulfikar had with Jonquin Saul.

Once upon colony, things had been set into motion that made the decisions even more difficult. The Ecclesiarchy had shown up with orders to build a church, and they would require tithes to stay afloat.

Administratum officials, not one to slash their own funding on such short notice, laid the burden of the taxes upon the miners. A riot had begun, ending in a standoff. With the city suspicious of anyone and everything moving through it, it wouldn’t be so easy to simply build and move on.

The Rainwalkers struck a deal with the Ecclesiarchy, asking for passage to and from the planet in exchange for building their temple. Once on the planet, the explorers met Survey Authority Vult and Port Master Grelk. They foiled an attack on the cities power plant by the miners and eliminated them as a threat by destroying their rail lines. In the end, they captured and interrogated Survey Authority Vult. He was eventually slain. Once the miners were brought low, the threat of dehydration and the offer of honest work swayed the tide.

Once they had free reign of the planet, and all eyes were pointed elsewhere, they surveyed the xenos ruins that were uncovered on Anteris. It was clear to them that they did not want to undo Zulfikar, so they destroyed the ruins from orbit.

The return to Port Footfall was solemn. They had been gone a long time, the psyker Hodor had ratted them out, to both the Kasballica Mission. and Zulfikar Raheem. All out war had nearly engulfed Port Footfall. Several of Footfall’s asteroids were reduced to rubble and smoke.

Zulfikar Raheem was displeased to hear that the Rainwalkers had joined the Kasballica Mission. The Rainwalkers made their case, and as furious and confused as Zulfikar was about Anteris, he had other matters to deal with. He would forgive them their transgression if they went and killed Farouk Shukri.

Farouk’s compound, normally full of hedonists, was empty and quiet. They found him in his main chamber, drinking away his grief. The Kasballica Mission had sent hit squads to try and kill him because he had recommended the Rainwalkers as agents. He knew why the Rainwalkers were here, and he accepted his fate. Pressed on all sides, he decided he’d rather die fighting.

Once he was dead, the mysterious woman Syptric “Serene Anguish” Cassidor appeared and seemed indifferent to her husband dying. She informed the Rainwalkers that they had limited time, as the Kasballica Mission know that Zulfikar was trying to get the imperial envoys to a ship and escape.

The Rainwalkers rushed to the hab-fanes and found the men they were looking for. Squads led by the grey-clad Vladaym Tocara were closing in on the imperial envoys. The battle was short and bloody, but they managed to pull the emissaries out of the situation. They fled to Titansbane.

There it was revealed that Nashat Muthana had conceived a child with Sigmund. His life suddenly laid bare before him, he knew he had to make sure that his son and his family had somewhere to return to. He instructed the Rainwalkers to flee. Sigmund left to try and break Zulfikar out of his siege.

The Rainwalkers fled into space, pursued by a massive fleet of raiders. The Titansbane was being picked apart around them, but the iron-willed soul of the Rainwalkers pushed them through. Zarko Ilmatar was shot down while assaulting the flagship, and he was left drifting behind in the void. As the Titansbane pulled away, the flagship had managed to teleport a squad onto the Titansbane. Their only mission: blow the plasma generators.

Turns out that Liacal Bask from Bask’s Calling was heading up the confrontation. He led the suicide squad into the underdecks, but in the end their will was no match for the Rainwalkers. The enemy was dead, the king of the Footfall Kasballica Mission was slain, and the Rainwalkers cemented themselves in history as the Merchants Hand.

The Merchants

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