The Rainwalkers

Yo ho yo ho

For a moment there, I forgot that I’ve not been making any headway.
The crew was on our way to Nashat’s, something Sig needed doing. Soon after we got in though, a small fleet attacked. Pirates. They took Sig and one of Nashat’s men.

We chased them as they fled, I hopped in the Outlaw to catch up faster, with numerous ships following, not just the Titansbane. They fled to Port Izra. Of course the one place nobody knew the location of. Well, except for one.

Hodor knew the location.

We’ll need to keep a closer eye on him. He claims to be from the past, and to have a deep hatred of pirates, but I don’t trust him. If he truly was a pirate and just trying to trick us for whatever reason, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least. How else would he have known where Izra was? A hub that large doesn’t just vanish from the records. Something isn’t adding up.

There was a brief firefight with a few ships once we entered the system, but after that it was smooth sailing. Nashat used to be a pirate apparently, so she knew a bit about navigating our way to a safe spot to “dock”. I will say this, pirates are real good about letting others keep their privacy. We didn’t have to dock anywhere in particular, and just took a transport down. Someone recognized me, I don’t know who they were though, I’ve hit a lot of people. They decided it was likely not actually me and went about their business. Last thing I need is him finding out I’m going to Izra of all places, that would make my goal far too obvious.

After a small altercation on Izra, Krieg and Hodor worked out that Sig and Demidicus were probably being taken to the spire, along with some other rogue traders. We made our way, and as we neared the spire, we noticed more and more costumed individuals. Nashat mentioned some “Fesitval of The Red Storm”, and that when the gas giant that Izra orbited had a red storm show up every 10 years, people dressed up as demons and what not. Huge party, it’s a shame we had other business, could have been fun.

We needed costumes, so I bartered with a shop and got costumes for everyone by trading my bottle of raenka. I’ll be needing another from Sig for this.

We made it to a building where we saw prisoners being ushered into, and next door was a building with a group of fully-grown pandai. I had never seen one in real life apart from Kayp’s. They were huge, and violent. After a few different attempts, all with varying degrees of success, we eventually made it to the other building just in time for trucks to be pulling away to the spire. We could hear Sig in the microbead, he was in one of the trucks, along with Demidicus.

We stopped the trucks, and took the driver of one for questioning. We’re keeping him in the Titansbane’s brig until further notice. We freed all the captives, and made our way back to get Nashat from the square. Just in time to see her being dragged away.

We chased after and made it to some docks. They were about to get away, so I ran from cover and blocked their escape, just in time to see the man holding Nashat was also holding a las shotgun. I got lucky, plain and simple. Some grav-lifts starting coming in, some bringing more thugs, some empty. I stayed in the same spot and prevented them from moving ahead, while the others worked on taking them out. We barely made it out okay, but we did, and returned to the Titansbane.

Our new “friend” told us he was working for a man named Lorcas Dragnipur. We’ll need to do some asking around on Footfall about this guy.

Luckily, we left Izra with no incident, so we can come back here again if we ever need something we can’t get anywhere else. That’s not so bad I guess.



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