The Rainwalkers

We had a fight!

And Hodor got nakey, :(

We started looking for Zulfikar’s missing shipments. Finally. We’re still on Footfall, so that’s shitty, but I want a favor from Zulfikar, so in the end this may still help me.

There was a warehouse out in the industrial district that matched the address on the datapad we procured. There was a handful of guards outside. Emir and I tried flanking the one in the back, but shit went bad and before we knew it there were more than just the one. Kayp and Krieger came by in the transport, and straight up pasted a guy. Awesome. After there was only the main guy left, I busted in to the warehouse, everyone else could handle one guy.

Boy, that was a mistake.

Eight guys with pistols and shockmauls were right around the corner. I immediately ran back around the corner and aimed my lascannon at the choke point. They never came.
After a tense fight that nearly killed Emir AND Krieger, and caused heavy damage to our transport, we won the fight. Oh yeah, Hodor was naked for some reason too. I saw the explosion during the fight. I don’t know what happened, but all his clothes were gone. It was horrible.

We started looking around, and found a decent amount of Zulfikar’s stuff. After searching a bit more, we came to discover that it was Shylock who had been betraying him. Zulfikar had me put Shylock in the brig on the Titansbane, and now we’re off to get the rest of his gear.



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