The Rainwalkers

Kayp Log 19

The large cat took us to a warehouse,
It was dark and it was empty.
Suddenly a light was spotted in back,
Empty warehouse turned into people aplenty.

Inquisitors scout out the goods,
A heist they were planning for in a few days.
We tried to slink into the dark,
What happened next was definitely not okays.

A man grabbed Nyx,
I took a shot but missed.
The bastard shot him in the head,
Luckily he survived and was pissed.

We quickly won the fight,
There was not many men.
Up top I spotted a floating skull,
Target practice soon began.

The skull was a camera.
Chasing it, I ran to the roof,
Someone was watching us closely.
I needed to catch it as proof.

Near the next roof top,
I spotted the thing across the street.
I took a pot shot,
But it barely missed a beat.

It clattered to the hard roof,
I called to the others to chase it.
It got up and flew off,
If I hurried I could make it.

Running through a crowd,
One by one my crew fell behind.
Adrenaline boosted my speed,
I would catch up to this “mastermind”.

Arriving at a church?
My crew fell in stride.
We found the Inquisitor lair.
Did we dare go inside?

We dropped down into a dungeon,
Druggies littered the floor.
How long have they been here?
Some of them lay breathing no more.

We found lots of traps,
Also large robots, no longer men.
Some of us got zapped,
Zarko got killed once again.

Acid chemicals flooded the hall,
A hidden wrench in a locker.
We needed a plan to continue,
Nothing could stop us Rainwalkers.

Trying to open a pipe of neutralizer,
We accidently stripped the nut.
Shooting a gun by the wrench,
We made a weld somewhat.

The weld held and we opened the pipe,
The next room was now safe.
Inaja wanted the wrench,
He hit the panel, which was unsafe.

The panel broke away,
Holding the wrench it looked like a ghetto axe.
Inaja loved it dearly,
We lost it in the next room we needed to pass.

Welding that panel to another panel,
We were able to use the wrench once more.
Once the chemicals escaped,
Getting Inaja to abandon his “axe” was a chore.

Fight upon fight,
We made our way down.
Three levels below the earth,
Hey, what was that sound?

Krieger almost got gutted,
Our group was slit in half.
Demons were running around,
I hope this trip didn’t end with our epitaphs.

Lots of sneaking around,
We were fighting in the dark.
This whole trip hasn’t been ideal,
This day I wish I could restart.

Feeling like we would soon be done,
We arrived in a room to outside.
Krieger the only one with a void suit,
We watched in slow motion as she died.

She had tried to jump a large gap,
A running leap she would make.
It wouldn’t be far enough,
A fate point Smudde would take.

A do over was issued,
Run and jump once again!
You made it! You did it!
Now what do we do then?

Using controls we close the gap,
Now we can cross without a hitch.
Whats behind the next door?
Oh sonofabitch…..



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