Janoor Yuratha

An Fledgling Navigator Not of Any House



An aged queen from a feudal world, Janoor was once the queen of a great kingdom. She has brunette hair that is long and well kept. Her face belies her age however. While she has seen almost 50 Terran years, her life of affluence has kept the telltale wrinkles and blemishes from her skin.

She is of medium build and now cloaked robes that she gathered second hand. She has a threadbare headband over her newly opened third eye. Her old clothing and trinkets adorn her, giving only the barest hints of her previous life.


The queen of the kingdom of Yura, Janoor knew a life of quiet dignity. She was a well liked matriarch. She spent much of her time in the courtyards of the castle meeting with her subjects. Janoor spent the remainder of her time tending and educating her daughter, Janae.

All this changed the day that men from the stars appeared. They wore strange clothing and bore weapons of deadly fire. They recognized the queen as a Navigator and forcefully kidnapped her. The Rogue Trader had thought they had discovered a brand new lineage and, more interestingly, a lost house of the Navigators.

The queen was announced dead by her husband, fearing retribution from the gods. Janae had never even heard the story of the gods from the sky and thought her mom passed away suddenly and mysteriously.

The Rogue Trader eventually found out that Janoor was worse than useless as a Navigator. She had no natural talent and would likely be seen as a dangerous threat by the Inquisition. She was dumped on Port Wander.

Janoor worked for coin in various jobs not befitting a queen, but she is not anything if not resourceful and focused. She knew she needed to return home. Janoor managed to eventually barter a trip home but the appearance of a new ship in the sky, new men from beyond the stars, and most alarming the return of the Queen sent the populous into an uproar.

Janoor fled back into the Expanse. Her husband had declared her dead and her people rejected her as an alien god. She knew their appearance would spark their political rivals into a frenzy.

But Janoors eyes had been opened. The planet would eventually learn the truth of the Imperium of Men, but that was not her concern. Political situations resulted in dead figureheads, and Janoor rushed to find someone, anyone, to go back and save her daughter.

Her daughters salvation was found in the explorers. They took up her job and quested forth to her planet of unknown official name. The kingdom of Yura had known pretty serious political strife since the appearance and then disappearance of the queen. The explorers arrived in time to find the city rioting around the walled castle.

It had seemed that the royal guard had arranged for the king to be thrown to the people as an offering for their lives. But the mob hungered for royal blood. As was her Birthright, Janae was now queen of Yura and she too deserved to die.

The explorers saved her trusted bodyguard, Fyke, and ventured into the castle. They found Janae safely barricaded in her room. The mob enclosed around them as they left the castle and Fyke severed the chain holding the gate open, buying the explorers precious minutes. They successfully fled through the city while repelling the incensed populous.

Once on the ship, Janoor and Janae were reunited while their kingdom because a smoldering scar at the hands of the Titansbanes macrobatteries.

Janoor Yuratha

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