The Rainwalkers

Things Are Different

I’ve returned to port after Emperor knows how long. I can still feel the icy grip of the demon’s tendrils throughout my mind but by the might of the Emperor I will not let it end me or my mission. As luck would have it, my return has coincided with the arrival of the Titansbane and it’s nefarious captain Chaos Lord. The Emperor has granted me this opportunity as reward for my steadfastness in the trials against the demon, and I shan’t make waste of it!

For such a notorious ship, the Titansbane certainly has lax security. I strode aboard showing my ID and they gave no thought to stopping me. Either something is amiss or the arrogance of Chaos Lord has grown to show that it truly has no bounds. I must search the ship from stern to bow.

A pair of incompetent pirates seem to have taken notice of me, but their actions reinforce my initial assertion of their incompetence. In not two breaths I am told of three captains, one of which is Chaos Lord yet I am told he is dead by the hand of another captain. Were it not for my doubts I would have called upon the Emperor to smite these blaggards where they stood.

After no shortage of incessant cries of who is captain, I am finally greeted by a man without the composure of an oaf who has found his way into a dangerous amount of hallucinogenic spores. In short order I have learned that I am far from the time I had known.


DTM Gummiburz

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