The Rainwalkers

Field Log 834.M41-0304 Titanbane: Thical


Initially planning on spending the day recovering from my wounds with some light combat drills I was interrupted by an adept from the local Administratum approaching our ship with a job. Orks had come to Thical, brought here by another Rogue Trader. Thankfully the Orks are apparently contained for the time being in a hydroponics facility and the Adept wished for our assistance clearing the facility.

I volunteered immediately, the ork infestation must be stomped out quickly, with extreme prejudice. Nyx and Neck were also on hand to lend assistance. The only hiccup was the Adept brought… one of the orks with him.

They wouldn’t let me kill it! It was right there in front of me, desecrating this Imperial world with it’s very presence and they wouldn’t let me kill it! Ten years of my life spent fighting these Throne damned creatures on that damndable frozen rock! Thousands of my comrades cut down as we fought with dwindling supplies, cut off from the Crusade by the detestable drift-wrecks they call ships blockading the system, all the while being hounded on all sides by Chaos forces, capturing and torturing us in some sick

The Adept, a cowardly slip of a man, explained that Brute was here to assist in exterminating the rest of the orks. While I would personally like to run my knife though it’s skull and hack it to pieces smaller then my fist, duty dictates that I must deal with the larger threat least we lose the entire planet.

We have arrived at the facility, a massive, multi-level subterranean complex. The Adept instructed us that we needed to get to the eviro-control at the bottom level and administer a reagent that would neutralize the Orks in the rest of the facility. The interior is a mess. Emergency lights and flooding, the Orks have wrecked much of the facility likely do to infighting or simply taking joy in destruction.

The orks we met are primative savages, even by Ork standards, naked with improvised weapons. Must have just matured.

We fought our way through several levels of the complex. With the power out we were forced to climb down the elevator shaft. Nyx held up quite well for a blind man, and Neck was able to improvise an explosive to clear a hatch we were unable to pry open. The… Ork, Brute, has at least acted as an effective distraction for the other Orks.

In the enviro-control we found the remains of the original Rogue Trader and his retinue along with an Ork Mek. When I saw it was attempting to configure something on the controls I fired a shot into it’s chest, which enraged the creature and it attacked us. It jumped with surprising swiftness catching us off guard. I managed to pull Neck out of the way of it’s shock-hammer, but the low light and my recent injuries meant my footing was bad. Took the full force of the swing right in the chest. Blacked out for a second and felt the majority of my wounds reopen but miraculously still alive. I am still not worthy. Paid the Mek back though.

We administered the reagent to the water supply and it effectively eradicated the Orks in the remainder of the facility.

I wonder if this weapon works so effectively why it has not been deployed across the Imperium.

The Adepts superior, a tall, haughty woman, met us once we made contact that the job was done. Nyx and Neck accepted payment for keeping the nature of the operation classified.

Brute was nowhere to be found, for which concerned me. However, while patrolling the ship I found the remains of a dataslate smashed in an infrequently used corridor.

It is in the ship…



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