Zarko "The Neck" Ilmatar

A Man Haunted by Someone Who Isn't Dead


Zarko’s parents disappeared before he was a teenager. He survived for a few months because of his great strength. Eventually he stowed away on a pirate ship that had made port on his planet. The ship belonged to a band of pirates that were on the run from the Adeptus Arbites. They came to his planet because they knew the Adeptus Arbites didn’t venture this far outside of their territory.

Eventually discovered, it was decided they’d toss him into the Warp: just one less mouth to feed. Zarko convinced them to let him fight to earn his place on the ship. Partly due to his rough upbringing, but mostly due to an extraordinary amount of luck, Zarko won, and earned his place. Word soon spread of a young man with superhuman strength. Zarko knew that the tales were exaggerated but never corrected anyone. His fellow pirates stayed well away from him. As he got older, he became even stronger, and soon “The Neck” was leader of the most feared squad on the ship.

On a routine slaver mission his crew was selected to go to a small planet, kidnap some people, and take them to the planet where they would be “broken-in.” When registering them in the manifest, The Neck saw the names of his parents in very early entries. They were dated around the time they disappeared, and he was filled with a rage he had not known before. The Neck knew his men were loyal to him over they’re Lord-Captain, and set to planning. After the slaves had been loaded, The Neck’s crew waiting for the ship to get near the destination planet, and they set off towards the engine room. They killed everyone in the room, and hid charges on the Gellar Field generator. They made their way to the navigation room, and again, killed everyone, this time leaving the Navigator alive on the condition that he continue as normal.

The Neck detonated the charges when they were very close to the planet, and he and his men defended the bridge until it was time to exit the warp. The majority of the crew dead, they cleaned up the rest, and made way to the planet. The pirates on the world were ill-prepared for an assault, and were easily dispatched. The Neck and his crew made their way to the nearest port, and separated ways. Since then, The Neck has been travelling the void as a freelance Voidmaster.

Zarko "The Neck" Ilmatar

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