Sigmund Darkmoore

Not All Builders are Masons


Sigmund was born to a noble house, made wealthy by the ever-growing trade in their relevant sector of an ancient Rogue Trader house. Raised by his father (and a hundred attendants), Sigmund was always different, even at a young age. Not one to get along well with other children, he spent much of his time reading and sifting through discarded profit reports at his father’s desk. Although constantly busy, his father was still able to give his son the love of two parents (his mother died in childbirth of unknown complications). Sigmund had problems with making friends and even maintaining connections with his servants and caretakers, but those he did favor had earned his interest, affection, and attention. None more so than his father, whom Sigmund practically worshiped.

Sigmund’s father was a middle-man for the Rogue Trader house that controlled a large portion of the sub-sector, and brokered most of the deals that came through this area of space, legal or otherwise. Unfortunately, honey attracts flies, and the very lucrative trading operations began to unravel. Money started going missing, deals started to go south, and the patriarch of the dynasty mysteriously vanished. Soon the operation imploded (with the help of some shady characters), and in the struggles, Sigmund’s father was blamed and executed. This, naturally, resulted in a drastic loss of position for Sigmund (now a young adult), and he was forced to serve those who brought about his descent. Far too valuable to be discarded entirely, he was put to the mind-numbing task of archiving all profit reports and trade manifests. However, his mind would not be quieted and his grudge would not be born silently. Slowly, through careful manipulation and discrete alterations, he began to start siphoning funds and resources into paths of his choosing, making connections as he went.

Years earlier, while his father was still in power and the dynasty intact, he met Emir Engraav during an exchange of information. While in contact, Sigmund discerned a problem in the upcoming plans of Emir’s mission with little effort, and immediately made recommendations to avoid what would certainly be a major hindrance to Emirs plans. Using this advice, Emir completed his task and gained favor with the Rogue Trader he served, eventually climbing the ranks and, ultimately inheriting the holy Writ of Trade from his master. Years later, Emir learned of Sigmund’s unfortunate circumstances, and offered him an escape. Sigmund did not hesitate to leave his traitorous overlords behind, taking as much capital, connections and resources as he could rally, and doing significant damage to their operations on the way out the door. This set their dynasty back many years, and they have not forgotten.

Now, with a newly found navigator Nyx Aureus at their side and a new ship to construct, Sigmund has pledged his allegiance to Emir, and will turn his significant gifts towards the construction of a new dynasty; one he will personally proof against treacherous swine and conniving fools.

Sigmund Darkmoore

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