Kayp Washburne

A girl looking for her brother, and found a family



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Kayp grew up outside if the city. His father, Kyban, was an honest man, and he quickly found out, honest men often go to bed hungry. To help out, his brother went to work off planet, joining a transporter vessel and sending what little he could. Kayps mother died when he was a small child. With no one to watch him, his father took him to the workshop, where Kayp learned all he could about the machinery that people brought to them. They worked on everything from simple house unit devices, to androids, to hover vehicles. As Kayp grew, he discovered machines had a way of talking to him, not directly of course, but soon he was able to take on his own projects and repairs. Things were looking up.

Then the whirlwind hit. His brother stopped sending messages, his father was taken by the Black Lung, and the cities corruption was spreading. The mafia was expanding to the territory where they lived. Whilst cleaning his fathers workshop, he discovered a message from his brother. The message was encrypted, and as much as he tried he couldn’t open it.

Mobsters started coming around his shop more frequently. After discovering a break-in one morning he realized something was terribly wrong. Why did his father hide this message? What was his brother really doing out there? Was his father’s death a result?

Fearing for his life he set off looking for work as a ship mechanic. He got hired as a grunt on a small mining ship and hoped off as they made port at one of the larger trader ports.

Now he just has to stay out of harms way, figure out a hidden message, and find his brother.

Kayp Washburne

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