Hodor Milhouse Van Kempf

Fractured But Whole


Hodor was a faithful servant of the Imperium of Man. He served in the Navy, he purged daemons and heretics, but most importantly- he killed pirates.

It disgusted him that in a vast universe, brimming with xenos slime and daemons violating reality with their presence, that people who are protected by the Emperors holy light turn to crime and heresy.

On an expedition to the Halo Stars, the fleet hit a terrible, roiling Warp storm. The Navigator was lost- dragged into its own eye- and daemons began ravaging the fleet.

Hodor went to stand against the embodiment of Khorne threatening to end it all, and during his fight he was pulled into the Warp.

He was never sure how long he was there. The chaotic powers tried to tear his mind and soul apart, but his mind was an iron bastion of will. Instead the powers wracked him with pain and mutation.

Suddenly it was all gone. He was lying on the ground. The muscles in his mismatched body now lacking the eternal pain he had become familiar with. He stood up and found himself on a Port somewhere. Just another trial in his eternal servitude to the Emperor, and he’d better get back to work.

Hodor Milhouse Van Kempf

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