The Rainwalkers


Krieger says he isn’t a pirate. I must trust that she knows what she speaks.

Nobody expects the inquisition!
Amongst our weaponry are such elements as fear, surprise... I'll come in again.

Inaja led us to the warehouse where Farouk’s stuff was being held. It was a little overwhelming just how much stuff was in there. We could fit it all on the Titansbane, but we wouldn’t have the time, knowing that the inquisition were on their way. I stood guard outside as the others went in, sure enough, the inquisition was already here! I did not…. See that coming.
I ran in at the sound of shouting, and joined the battle. We fought a few waves of them before there was only one left, and he was hauling ass. And if I’M saying he was hauling ass, you know he’s fast…

We chased him down and discovered an underground facility, the only inhabitants seemed to be half-dead servitors and nutjobs. Carefully making our way through, we found a few nifty items, and a lot of people trying to kill us… We dispatched them fairly simply, and with the second servitor going down in one hit, we thought it best to take out the first one we had seen. We went back and I fired the las cannon, and the I woke up. I’m not sure why I passed out, but I must have blacked out and killed him in my rage. I wasn’t particularly angry or anything though… Very odd.

There was a fancy shielded door on the second floor. We found the unlock override on the third floor, and I hauled ass up through demons to look at our treasure! Fucking bullshit. Both weapons were dumb. I talked them up though and gave them to everybody else so at least somebody is excited about them…

We made it to the end of the road on the third floor down. There was a room that was total vacuum, and had a large chasm, looked like a dock or a trash vent. Krieger had a voidsuit and air pulled from earlier, so she donned it and went out. We were only able to operate half of the necessary controls, so we needed her to jump across for us. While she jumped across, I had this odd sense of deja vu, and immediately thought she wasn’t going to make it. But, she did, I’m just going crazy apparently. After the bay was closed and air reintroduced, we made our way through, just in time to hear some creepy old fuck bitching about how we found them. Of course we did!

Kayp Log 19

The large cat took us to a warehouse,
It was dark and it was empty.
Suddenly a light was spotted in back,
Empty warehouse turned into people aplenty.

Inquisitors scout out the goods,
A heist they were planning for in a few days.
We tried to slink into the dark,
What happened next was definitely not okays.

A man grabbed Nyx,
I took a shot but missed.
The bastard shot him in the head,
Luckily he survived and was pissed.

We quickly won the fight,
There was not many men.
Up top I spotted a floating skull,
Target practice soon began.

The skull was a camera.
Chasing it, I ran to the roof,
Someone was watching us closely.
I needed to catch it as proof.

Near the next roof top,
I spotted the thing across the street.
I took a pot shot,
But it barely missed a beat.

It clattered to the hard roof,
I called to the others to chase it.
It got up and flew off,
If I hurried I could make it.

Running through a crowd,
One by one my crew fell behind.
Adrenaline boosted my speed,
I would catch up to this “mastermind”.

Arriving at a church?
My crew fell in stride.
We found the Inquisitor lair.
Did we dare go inside?

We dropped down into a dungeon,
Druggies littered the floor.
How long have they been here?
Some of them lay breathing no more.

We found lots of traps,
Also large robots, no longer men.
Some of us got zapped,
Zarko got killed once again.

Acid chemicals flooded the hall,
A hidden wrench in a locker.
We needed a plan to continue,
Nothing could stop us Rainwalkers.

Trying to open a pipe of neutralizer,
We accidently stripped the nut.
Shooting a gun by the wrench,
We made a weld somewhat.

The weld held and we opened the pipe,
The next room was now safe.
Inaja wanted the wrench,
He hit the panel, which was unsafe.

The panel broke away,
Holding the wrench it looked like a ghetto axe.
Inaja loved it dearly,
We lost it in the next room we needed to pass.

Welding that panel to another panel,
We were able to use the wrench once more.
Once the chemicals escaped,
Getting Inaja to abandon his “axe” was a chore.

Fight upon fight,
We made our way down.
Three levels below the earth,
Hey, what was that sound?

Krieger almost got gutted,
Our group was slit in half.
Demons were running around,
I hope this trip didn’t end with our epitaphs.

Lots of sneaking around,
We were fighting in the dark.
This whole trip hasn’t been ideal,
This day I wish I could restart.

Feeling like we would soon be done,
We arrived in a room to outside.
Krieger the only one with a void suit,
We watched in slow motion as she died.

She had tried to jump a large gap,
A running leap she would make.
It wouldn’t be far enough,
A fate point Smudde would take.

A do over was issued,
Run and jump once again!
You made it! You did it!
Now what do we do then?

Using controls we close the gap,
Now we can cross without a hitch.
Whats behind the next door?
Oh sonofabitch…..

Audio Log 834.M41


-amn thing recording?

*sound of fumbling and mumbling in Krieg *

Wait… Ah, there’s the light. Right, ahem…

Year 834. Millennium 41. Port Footfall… some abandoned Admech complex.

Thought for the day, “Ask not whom the Inquisition seeks, least it be yourself”… or something like that…

*hiss of seal releasing *

Damn this thing is hard to sit in…

I am recording this report for posterity’s sake should the unfortunate happen to me. I’ve been ambushed twice already by those… what were they called…

Ur-Ghuls I think… Warp take them, blasted xenos monsters…

Painkillers and bandages are all that hold my arm together at this point, thus the audio recording.

*clack of a magazine sliding into a gun *

I’ve left most of my kit with the rest of the crew, and only carrying my sidearm and one magazine leaves me feeling rather vulnerable. We killed about seven of those things and Nyx assured me we had killed all he could sense but I would rather take no chances on this side of the air lock. I’d rather avoid something like another servitor coming around the corner while I sit here waiting.

*Deep breath *

We have traveled into this Admech complex chasing a lead on a radical sect of the Inquisition. I remember Lord Tew informing me about them but he was sparse on specifics as to the true nature of the organization. We do this in some scheme of Sigmund’s to gain the trust of Shukri and get us closer to the Kasballica Mission… I hope this is worth it…

Having spent so much of my life traveling in ships from one warzone to another it never occurred to me how.. unsettling it is to actually gaze into the void. As I stood on the edge gazing into space separated only by the thin material of my voidsuit I couldn’t help but imagine myself failing the jump and drifting off, helpless as I slowly suffocated… To die helpless, unable to fight back…

*pause in audio followed by soft cough *

The crew is changing, for better or worse…

Zarko is acting even more irrational and dare I say… suicidal… as if his lust for wealth and glory overcomes reason and sensibilities. I’m finding it harder and harder to trust him with the well beings of myself or others…

While of the other side Nyx continues to impress with his dependability… This I find unsettling as he is a psyker… a witch. A trained and sanctioned psyker, but still a witch. I cannot, should not trust him… but I’m finding it harder and harder not too.

Kayp has brought something great out of him and I’m-

*creaking sound immediately followed by gun cocking *

*pause in audio *

*exhale of breath *

Damn place is falling apart… Calm down, too jumpy…

*sigh *

Where was I… Nyx and Kayp. They are good for each other… I’m glad to see that even out here nice things can happen still happen to nice people. I was surprised to discover Kayp’s… circumstance… It was unexpected to say the least.

*pause in audio *

We have another companion… He is… a paradox…

Inaja is strongly devoted to the Emperor and well versed in his teachings, but he’s… an Abhuman… I think… I’ve fought along side Abhumans like Ratlings or Ogryns and have heard of Felinids but never encountered one before. That he is so faithful despite not being human is inspiring… and in a way very disheartening. Out here in the Expanse far from the Emperor’s Light the most devoted I’ve encountered besides myself are a mutated, insane psyker and a hulking abhuman priest… Emperor preserve us.

We met him at Shukri’s estate.

Ah, the party… Drug and drink abound, seduction and sex was everywhere. Choosing to go without my gear may have been a mistake. I was surrounded by suitors most of the evening.

*chuckle *

Too be desired.. not as a soldier, but as a person… as a woman was… flattering… and not entirely unpleasant…

Though my main suitor was Shukri himself and the thought of sleeping with him makes me want to vomit. Honestly the number of men trying to talk to me and buy me drinks was shocking…

I haven’t experienced this feeling in… over twenty years or so…

Back then, he did always tell me I was pretty with my hair down…

*embarrassed cough *

By the Emperor, what am I rambling about? Must be the blood loss making me light headed… That’s what it is… Best if I just delete this…

*sound of fumbling *

What was the code… Oh, yes. Delete recording 425-

*second voice faint in distance *

Krieger! Are you there?

*sound of fumbling *

Scheiße… Here, Kayp. I’m-


Gasping in the dark

This man is a scourge. A filthy, hedonistic and faithless baron. This much I know. But I must work towards a greater evil. He says that the inquisition is interfering with his illicit trade; and yet no Inquisitor sect is here.

Of the Emperors true faith, that is.

This information is troubling to me, as a rogue inquisitor sect is perhaps a greater abomination than the faithless to begin with. Ignorance and skepticism is nothing in the face of an intentional denial of what you know to be truth. This new collection of human explorers, these…“Rain Walkers”…have been assigned to this task beside me. I wonder, perhaps, if they are criminals as well. Or, maybe, the faithful gather to march on the impure? Only time will tell. There are a few competent fighters. A one armed thug, who may have been mighty with all his limbs He is a scoundrel to be sure, but capable nonetheless. A guardsman who, upon further inquiry, appears to be a woman. She is of steady hand and incredible valor. A large, deformed brutish man with seemingly little regard for himself or others. And an astropath of impressive resilience. Though i fear his mutation overtakes him.

Their rogue trader seems calculating and perhaps a bit frail. I will have to be wary of him, should our activities continue to intertwine; the wheel in his mind will always turn to gelt, this i know. The pilot seems somewhat fearful, although very quick. This must be good for flying, or else I can think of no other reason. Most impressively, this ship is warp capable and they have their own navigator. Curiously, this navigator is blind to the reality at our feet; perhaps this makes his sight all the more pure in the warp? I shudder to imagine its madness laid bare, and I hope this navigator can resist its taint.

So far we have battled the tainted inquisitor cell in the warehouse containing our benefactor’s product. We made decent work of their number, though once again I must question the combat prowess of some of these people. I suppose it is made up for by those of us with martial training. One of our foes had escaped, and so we chased him into the sewers, uncovering a hidden facility of some sort. The air is acrid with the stench of promethium and the filth of under dwellers.

They were purged at my hand, and we continued to the lower levels.

It is here I must admit a failure. In the upper level, we had found some form of sealed room, perhaps an armory. In the second layer, one of our group discovered a mechanism we believed would unlock the doors. A few of us returned to the room, waiting for the rest of our party to throw the release. This did not come, and I felt a great foreboding.

It was as such.

We returned to a crimson pool in place of a guardsman, and a wide eyed pilot behind a terrified psyker. We were able to revive our soldier, and were soon met with what can only be described as an abomination. Emaciated, black and grotesquely thin, they tore through the dark with shrieking claws. Their faces were pale with great voids gasping at foul air. Again they came, and again our guardsman was torn apart in another act of bravery, on the other side of a door I could not reach.

They were purged at my hand, and once again we revitalized our companion. Her bravery and fortitude astounds me, as not even beyond the hour she had donned a voidsuit, and went leaping across an open expanse of exposed space to allow us passage to what can only be assumed our final foe. She would make a fine instrument of the Emperor’s will. I finish writing this as we go to cross this corridor to meet our fate. I shall not fail in my service of our great father, and this rogue inquisitor shall fall at my hand.

They will be purged at my hand.

With great faith,
-Inaja Svetkoff


It seems a lasgun at some point became wedged under an armored plate in the back, along with several impossibly hard light brown rectangles no larger than a few inches long and terribly thin.

In depth examination of the rectangles reveals they appear to be made of some plasteel compound harder than any I’ve witnessed in my life, and lightly salted.

The seats move!



The heathens seem wont to engage in the travails of common filth.

I cannot begin to express my distaste at their endless efforts to find themselves in the company of criminal scum. The pirate Sigmund at least displays some form of self preservation.

At the very least, this vehicle provides greater respite than those of my more official days.

Kayp Log 8teen
Nightmares and Out of Breath

Blood pumping, I almost lost traction as I skidded around the corner of the corridor. Slumping heavily against the wall, I wiped the sweat from my brow with the back of one hand. I flinched as pain seared across my forehead and bright crimson smeared across my hand and dripped to the floor. I lingered for a moment, relishing the feel of the cool metal against my throbbing head. A crash behind me jump-started my heart, and again I threw myself forward one boot in front of the other. Door upon door flew by my vision but none of them caught my gaze. None of these doors mattered. The only thing that mattered was the dwelling down the hall and to the right. Footsteps thundered behind me, I didn’t have much longer; soon I would be overtaken.

Bursting inside the small room, my nightmare became a reality, as I spotted that unmoving form of the only person that mattered…

“No!” I screamed, attempting to lunge forward, only to be dragged backwards as two sets of bulking arms grabbed me from either side.

“Nyx! Nyx…” My angry shouts turned into pleading. Tears streamed down my face as I kicked and struggled to no avail.

A figure I hadn’t noticed a moment before, stood quietly staring down at the lifeless body, a pistol in his left hand at his side. He stood tall and lean but muscular. Dark chestnut hair messed up, just so. If everything wasn’t moving a mile a minute, I might have noticed sooner.

“I warned your people not to resist-”

“Fuck you!” I shouted, interrupting him. Gaining another boost of adrenaline, I managed to slip one arm free, and elbow one of the men in the face causing blood to explode from his nose.

The man turned and I caught sight of his stern almond eyes.

It couldn’t be.

Frozen in shock, the man on my left seized my arm once again, ignoring the blood streaming from his face. I stared wide-eyed unable to process what was happening in front of me. That familiar cloak, the tattoo spreading out down one arm, the messed up hair…


His gaze hard and uncaring, he lifted his pistol to my face, and snarled, “Don’t fuck with pirates, kid…”

One of the worst things about the warp, besides the killer demons, uncertainty of survival, or the knowledge that a single slip of navigation cause send you who knows where.. was the nightmares. I tried to shake the horrible feeling of my nightmare by spending as much time as I could with Nyx… With all of Nyx. The crew had started murmuring of some unknown sounds in part of the ship. I told them that there was nothing to worry about; I was working on it. I was really working on it, if you know what I mean.

We made it back to Footfall rather quickly, and before I knew it, we were traveling on the familiar path to Zulfikar’s with the news from the pirates. As we filed one by one into his office, I noticed Krieger and Zulfikar having a respectable stare off. As soon as Sigmund filed in we started our report.

At the mention of the Kasballica Mission, the underground trade of illegal and stolen goods across the Calixis Sector, Zulfikar hurled the datapad Krieger had handed him across the room smashing it against the wall. He then swept the top of his desk in a big swooping motion and everything crashed to the ground in a deafening clatter. I flinched at the sound but did not move. His voice thundered around the room.

“The bloody Kasballica Mission is a disgrace! This makes me look weak and that is something I cannot afford! I need you to track this scum down. Do this and I will pay you double of what you have just received!”

Things calmed down relatively quickly as preparations for the nights feast started coming underway. At the table I found myself sitting fairly close to Zulfikar. As the drinking started, I pushed away my flask as usual and picked at my food my thoughts elsewhere. As the night went on, I finally found some courage to talk to Zulfikar on behalf of myself. As everyone bantered away in their own conversations, I leaned over the table to talk to him.

“I was wondering if I may have a word. I apologize that I am about to speak business while at your feast..”

“Speak away.” Zulfikar said, seemingly surprised by my request. I had never really had a conversation with him before and I tried to speak quickly before losing my nerve.

“I don’t really have a desire for money.. I was wondering if instead I could ask for a favor as payment for this next mission. I have a missing brother and I was wondering if you could use some of your connections to help me find him.”

He asked about the time of his disappearance and spoke of a violent Rogue Trader active at that time. Luxera Specture? I made a mental note to look up that name later on a terminal to see what I could find. I thanked him and continued to eat, my mind feeling a bit clearer.

Driving back to the Titansbane seemed to take an eternity. I kept thinking about this violent Rogue Trader and wondered what I would find later. If I could find anything later. My thoughts were interrupted as drunken Zarko carried on from the back of the rhino I was driving.

“Im drunk!”

“No shit..” I heard Nyx mumble, which made a grin spread across my face. He was so cute when he was grumpy.

We turned onto the corridor going to the Titansbane and I glanced back to see Zarko pointing at Hoder.

“You can medicae! Fix it!”

I smirked at the thought. Using medicae to cure being drunk. Yeah, right!


I swerved as our windshield exploded. The glass protecting the corridor from the cold void of space cracked, then also exploded, creating a large gaping hole with even bigger problems. Bulk heads slammed shut, now in an emergency state and we found ourselves trapped in this small section of road with no where to go.. and no air to breathe.

“It didn’t work!” Zarko yelled at Hodor, and I shook my head in disbelief and rage.

Next time thet are walking their happy asses back to the ship from Zulfikars….

We did a quick calculation, and found we had 90 minutes to figure out a solution before we all suffocated. A vox call to the Titansbane revealed that Emir couldn’t get to us any sooner that three hours from now and the local Footfall officials would be here in two. Protocols had to be met and they couldn’t just open the doors we were at because it would endanger the lives of the people on the asteroid.

Thinking quickly, I started attempting to hack the terminal that opened the emergency door panel leading back the way we came. Krieger organized with the guys from Zulfikars place and they started attempting to open the door hatches from their side. We had about 12 to 15 doors to get through and each door took about 3 to 5 minutes to force open. We were down to one hour remaining and time was not on our side. Sweat dripped down my brow, and I tried to steady my breathing to keep a clear head, as I tried to get my way down the corridor back to Zulkifars; a much shorter distance than to the Titansbane.

45 minutes went by much too quickly. We had made little progress, only forcing three doors open and Zulfikar’s men opening about the same. Things were bad and my head was starting to swim, making every effort seem that much more strenuous. The last bit of air finally gone, all we had was a small emergency air tank in the rhino we could all share, extending our time a very small amount. Sigmund passed out. Krieger jumped out into the service hatch basically sacrificing herself for the group. Unprotected outside she wouldn’t last long…. My vision flashed and I realized we wouldn’t last that much longer in here either. Krieger ran down the road and started working on the wiring for the door hatch, I had a hard time seeing what was happening. Suddenly a faint swoosh sound could be barely heard and Krieger’s voice rang out loud and clear.


I didn’t need any second bidding. The adrenaline I was riding, was fading as the lack of air caused my moments to be sluggish and slow. Zarko hung out of the door to the rhino and clasped onto Kriegers arm pulling her inside as I drove. I nodded, starting to black out, and I tried forcing my eyes wide open willing myself to stay conscience. Racing down the corridor, we finally made it to the end and I slammed on the brakes bringing the rhino to a skidding stop and the guys in back threw open all the doors. Air rushed in and I lay my head on the steering wheel for a moment with my eyes shut; visions of suffocating in the MantaRains clouded my thoughts. This was the worst feeling in the world..

Nyx frantically tried reviving Sigmund to no avail and a man from the crowd came to assist. He told us Sig would be okay he just needed rest and to get to an infirmary soon. As did us all, really.

“I don’t think I’m drunk anymore…” I head Zarko murmur as everyone packed into the rhino again and the stranger jumped out.

“It worked!” Hodor replied, excitedly making a horrible sound. I think it was a laugh.

Night is the mother of death

I dream I’m on the command deck of the Titansbane with the knowledge that something is wrong. Acrid smoke stings my eyes and I’m surrounded by panic and pain. The sound of people running. And a feeling that something is being lost.

This dream isn’t unfamiliar. This is what the warp always shows me: the aftermath of a misstep, a miscalculation, what happens if I fail.

This time, someone is calling me. Who it is, I can’t tell, but they’re desperate, afraid. Trapped. I begin to run, not knowing where I’m going but somehow knowing the way.

One by one, I find them. Emir’s body is riddled with bullets and plasma burns. Sigmund is nearly in his lap, a single hole through his head like a third eye. Krieger dies on her knees, refusing to fall even as the soul leaves her. Zarko is on his stomach, one hand reaching out toward his las-cannon on the floor a few inches away from his fingertips, a power sword protruding from his back. Hodor is simply gone, swallowed up by the warp, leaving only a shimmering sort of mist where he had been. And Kayp— god, no —I find her outside my quarters, her throat cut from ear to ear, blood framing her head like a halo.

Someone is calling me. It isn’t until I find the voice’s owner in my room that I remember.

It wasn’t Fyke that she called for.

I fall to my knees in front of Janae’s lifeless body. There are no signs of trauma like the others. It’s as if she went to sleep and forgot to breathe.

Adrien, what have you done?

A familiar stinging pain across my back, and I scream. I can feel Sildus’s breath on my neck.

You are only worth anything to me as long as you are useful to me.

“Nyx” means “nothing”.

Be still, little one, it’s only a dream.

I gasp awake, as if from death. Kayp’s arms are around my shoulders, her lips pressed to my forehead. Alive. Whole.

“You were scratching at your scars again.” She wants to know why.

My fingers still trace across the familiar raised lines that criss-cross my back, each a failure, each a reminder that I wasn’t good enough. I bury my face in her chest, slide my arm around her waist.

“One day the warp will take me,” I whisper.

“I won’t let that happen.”

She tips my head up, kisses me slowly, then rolls over in one swift motion until she is straddling my hips. And I cloak myself in Kayp’s light, let her take from me until I have nothing left to give.


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