The Rainwalkers

Kayp Log 27
Call me Sigourney

Lost in thought again.


Apparently, the crew got themselves into some trouble below deck. Tinkering at my bench, my pandai wanders over and dumps a datapad in my lap.


11 missed messages.


“How long has this been going off?” I ask, as another notification ding goes off.


My pandai stares at me straight in the eyes, as he takes his large black paw, and swats a cup of tools to the floor. He then, jumps off the bench and wanders off.


I guess I deserved that.


Unlocking the pad, I open up one of the messages. “We have an issue in the way underdeck. Where the fuck are you?! –Nyx”


I’m in trouble.



Finally winding my way into the deep dark underneath of the Titansbane, I wondered how they found their way down here. I must have gotten turned around multiple times and there was no one around to ask questions. I didn't know there were nooks and crannies UNDERNEATH the underdeck.


I whistled a low tune the others couldn't hear to alert Nyx of my presence and wrapped my arms around him.


“I’m mad at you…” he growled quietly.


“No you’re not.” I grinned and kissed his neck.


“I hate you.” His face breaking into a smile.


I glanced around the room as Nyx briefed me on what was going on.


“-so we cross referenced the schedules of the missing people-“


The air was stale and I was surprised to find that I could slightly see my breath in front of my face. It was a bit chilly down here. Large coils breathing life into the Titansbane, emerged from every wall and twisted above us hiding the ceiling above. I got the feeling that the slightest misfire could cripple the Titansbane or even blast through the floor and suck us out into the void..


“-searching below we haven’t found any bodies. There is no way they could have gotten off the ship. We think th-“


I ran a hand along the wall as we walked, feeling the slight bump of the markings on the promethium coils, stamped dates and random other manufacturer information. Inaja lead the way with Krieger bringing up the rear, gun up and always ready.


“-can only mean that someone bragged them down here.” Nyx continued, his voice barely as whisper.


We entered a small chamber and Inaja finally turned to address the small party.


“We being the need to pay attention. Any of us getting the lost, would not be good. We are like little maze running around in a big mouse…”


I held back a snicker as Nyx replied.


“I’ve been keeping track of our progress….. I don't get lost in the dark.”



I remained on edge, as we searched section by section. Coming to a seemingly dead end, a secret passage was spotted through some pipes and steam. If we were not on the lookout for stashed bodies or cowering fugitives or victims we surely would have missed it. Inaja jammed himself into one such opening and burned some patches of fur off in the process. I insisted on going next and, I easily slipped through, unable to resist a small cartwheel as I made it into the next room. I grinned as I waited for Nyx to come next. He rolled his eyes at me showing off but I couldn't help but notice a twinkle of amusement hidden there.


Tracking down here was a breeze; particles hung in the cool air because of the lack of ventilation and foot traffic. We easily followed a set of footprints someone had left behind in recent passing. I examined the tracks as we walked but didn't notice anything particularly interesting or definable. Standard workingman boots any one could and would wear.


We did meet one person in our search; a hunched over man with his knees pulled to his chest, and a hole at his ribs, likely from a gun fight lost. Judging by his clothes and the look of the room.. he had been there a long time. I pulled up one of his sleeves and noticed tattoos up his arm. He was a pirate! I stared at him as the group left him behind, he must have belonged to the original crew. Hodor had told us that this ship used to belong to pirates..


A cargo crate with weapons with an identification number burned on the side. A mysterious sound behind us? Another pirate’s body hidden and preserved. Where could our crew be?


Kriegers auspex suddenly started chirping an alarm after hours of wandering around in what felt like circles. Radiation poisoned the air ahead, and after checking my toughness… I mean.. and after taking a moment to realize that radiation is some pretty serious stuff. I opted to stay behind and keep a watch out behind us. The mystery sound never came to visit again, as Nyx and I waited, but soon that thought was wiped cleaned at the sound of one word through the microbead. One word that could make a grown man cry, that could make the color drain from Nyx’s already pale face, and instantly make me want to turn around and run.



I'm pretty good at blowing myself up
And The Scale Tipped: Part 2

We made it to Footfall. It was in rough shape. Many of the linked asteroids were either on the float leaving the cluster, or were destroyed entirely. Countless ships were  hammering the main asteroid, the port, Zulfikar's asteroid, Nashat's… Everything was on fire. At least that meant there was still some atmosphere. I'm glad we didn't make an enemy of these guys until we had this backup, that's for sure. 

I wasn't sure we could make a difference with our one ship, even as big as it was, against such an overwhelming force. As I sat in the bomber waiting for the green light, I watched the auspex. A few of the enemy ships abandoned their bombardment to flee, a few came to us. One of the ships heading to us just vanished from the screen, apparently destroyed. It was still too far for us to shoot. I tapped it, still gone.

A ship appeared right at the edge of my screen, near the destroyed one. An allied ship. Then another. And another. They kept coming. Nowhere near as many as the enemy had, but more of their ships were fleeing so that evened the odds a bit more. We must have some badass ships.

As we neared the port, the ship was under enemy fire, it sounded like heavy bombardment, but the ship didn't even seem to care. We could've gone out and at least disabled their weapons. We could have hurt them. The light stayed red.

After what seemed like forever, the light flashed green as we came into a high and loose orbit around Footfall. I launched out of the bay in my bomber, with a squad behind me, and fighters escorting us. We went after the frigates first, their turrets taking out only few of us. The larger ships were not as gentle.

Between our bombing runs and the fire from the main ships, we were able to take out a handful of the enemy fleet just ourselves. As we came up to the last ship in our fuel range though, they lit us up with a massive amount of turret fire. Most of the fighters and bombers with me were destroyed over the next 10 minutes or so of fire as we approached. As I lined up my shot to disable their weapons, I noticed the last few of my squad had retreated, enemy fighters were heading my way, still a ways out for any reliable kill shots. Time stretched on, I dropped the payload, and then my senses were assaulted with alarms. One of the fuckers had managed to hit me. The glass started cracking… Yep.

Somehow I managed to get heading back mostly in the right direction to the hanger before the bomber lost power. Thankfully, the enemy fighters moved on to the actual threats and left me to die a slow lonely death… As the ship grew closer, I thought I had misjudged my trajectory, forgetting that the hanger of my temporary home was magnitudes larger than the cargo bay of the Titansbane. Still, I clipped the side of the bay, but landed more or less intact, and then I lost consciousness.

I've been in the infirmary for the better part of a day or two now, I'm not sure exactly. It sounds like the battle is over, but with the amount of activity outside in the hallway it's obvious that the fight is still going strong, just not here. Suits me just fine.

I need to get out of here. 

I need to find Zulfikar.

Kayp Log 25
You caught me monologuing you sly dog

“Things are not going according to plan! We need to be more cunning and maybe it is time for reinforcements.. Trouble is.. no one owes us any favors. Zarko would have helped but.. No! We cannot think about Zarko now.

I should have been more careful the first time. Inaja is a lot more anti-social than I would have expected; especially after where we met him on Footfall. Now he has six locks on his door! Six! I tried to snatch a key when he threw me out in the hall yesterday this morning! I barely dodged the door as he slammed it in my face.

The air vent was a good idea… Someone, I don’t know his name, actually I have never seen him on the Titansbane before, said it would be unlikely that I would make it in the air vent but I proved him wrong. The number 7 flashes to memory but I don’t remember what that was about.. Anyway, hopefully that will remain unblocked.. Hopefully Inaja will not be clever enough to bolt it shut, realizing that I can get through again. I’ll check it later… If its bolted I pray meta damage on his latge fluffy self! …I’m not really sure what meta damage is.. Its just something I heard in passing by.. Sounded cool.

I really need to learn security. Maybe I should ask Krieger to help me.. No, she has done enough.. Earlier I asked for help and she did not hesitate. I brought up our previous conversation, when she first approached me in the infirmary; she said I was not a solider and that I shouldn’t be like her… But I need a proper weapon! I appreciate the Stub Automatic but I cannot even scratch a foe when they are standing right in front of me! Look what happened last time! Look what happened to Nyx! I may not be a solider but I will fight for the ones I love! I will not stand by and allow the people in my life be shot down like mere cattle!

I digress, Krieger has already helped me enough.. Even if we were unsuccessful in getting that vendor to sell to us; I shall try to barter again tomorrow.

Cant you think of anything? No, I already tried “The Nargle Inspection Plan”. My handwriting isn’t professional enough!”

I finally stopped pacing the floor and threw the “Nargle Inspection Notification” sheet on the floor in frustration. Pandai tilted his head to one side at me, snatched the paper up, and crammed it in his mouth.

“Exactly..” I sighed and plopped down on the ground across from him. Trying to think of a new plan.

Kayp Log 24
Consuming Thoughts of Failure

“You fool’s thought you could get away?”

The conversation from earlier that week echoed in my memory.

“You suck!” Enraged, but unable to think of anything more clever, I shouted at the man standing in front of us trying to bomb the Titansbane.

“You think I am the bad guy? Your names will go down in history- your names will be remembered as villians..”

“Under the history of drug lords and thieves?” Krieger scoffed taking a step up beside me. I took comfort in having her stand up with me.

“What she said!” I shouted again. I could barely contain my anger as I clenched my fists by my side. How dare they come aboard our home. How dare he threaten my crew. How dare he make me so mad I couldn’t even come back with a snappy comeback.


“What?” I blinked and turned my head to see Nyx staring at me, a stern look on his face.

“What do you want to drink?” He asked, nodding in the direction of the window in front of us.

“Oh.” I shook my head and tried to focus on the tattered sign of food and beverage lists scrawled up on the board. I glanced at the irritated look from the vendor and looked behind us at the long line of people tapping their feet waiting to get to the front to place their own orders.

“Actually- I don’t think I am very hungry… I’ll see you later.” I let go of Nyx’s hand and stepped out of line and started heading back to the Technomat.

“Ar’ yew serious?! Why ‘ven take up a spawt en line!” An angry weathered man yelled as I walked away. I ignored him and kept on walking.

Passing through one of the cargo bays, I glanced to the spot where the Outlaw normally sat. The area stood abandoned. I stopped for a moment rooted to the spot staring at the ghost of the ship that normally sat there. In my minds eye, the bright red stood out, seemingly lighting up the dark room. I looked up to the invisible windshield to see Zarko napping in the pilots seat, mouth open and snoring with his feet up on the dashboard.


I flinched and turned to see a few mechanics had returned from their lunch and had gotten back to work repairing one of the rhinos that had been previously damaged. Returning a small wave, I ducked my head, and continued back toward the corridor back on my way to see my Pandai.

“I’m going to fly into their bay and blow some shit up!” Zarko laughed manically over the microbead. I glanced over to the radar and watched his small ship blip, flit across the screen toward the much larger enemy blip.

“I don’t think that is a good idea…” I said hesitantly, but a loud explosion was all that came back in reply.. “Zarko!” I screamed and looked back to the others in the room.

“We cannot turn.. If we slow to retrieve him they will be on us..” One said.

“If we punch it we will be safe enough to warp..”

I listened to the back and forth as I stared at the controls in front of me. I was in control… I could speed off and definitely gain the advantage we needed to escape…. Or I could make us stop dead and give Zarko a chance to be rescued….. Flashbacks to Yurath plagued my memory. What should I do? I would be risking thousands upon thousands of lives if I stopped the Titansbane.. I sighed heavily and glared up at the window in front of me. Nothing was ever black and white.

“Orders?” I asked, my voice cold and my body numb.

“Punch it!”

I got us out of there so fucking fast. No one could catch us.

“Mrrr?” I looked down to my Pandai clinging to my pants. I looked around to see I had arrived at my Technomat..

“How long have I been standing here?” I asked frowning. I stooped down and scooped up my Pandai and squeezed him tight.

“Blegh!” He gasped his tongue sticking out the air rushing out of him.

“Oops.. Sorry.” I kissed his soft head between the ears and sat him down on my work bench.


Nyx’s body crumped and a pool of blood blossomed out around him!


I reached out with my stub automatic and lay into the man who dare call us ‘villains’ and who has just shot at my best friend. As the spray escaped out from my muzzle, the world turned black as fire erupted from my chest and gravity took over my body. I hit the floor and I stretched out one hand to find the comfort of my love’s… Nyx… I will see you soon.


I stared wide eyed at my Pandai growled at me and then tilted his head to one side as if asking why I was ignoring him and standing absently in front of my bench.

I threw my arms around him and buried my face in his pitch-black fur and wept.

I wept for the loss of Zarko, the sacrifice of Sigmund, my failure to protect Nyx, the brother I may never see again, and the constant struggle to do right in this fucked up world.

And The Scale Tipped
Part One

“We’re losing down here, Zarko.” Zulfikar sounded out of breath over the vox. “Everything rests on the Rainwalkers’ shoulders.”
“We still have unfinished business. You can’t lose,” I replied, barely containing my anger at the situation.
“If the Titansbane turns around now that’s exactly what will happen. If the Rainwalkers don’t make it to Scintilla with the emissaries, this will have all been for nothing!”

Before I had a chance to respond, I heard the Kriegsman’s voice over the Outlaw’s speakers. She was relaying that the enemy had scrambled more fighters.

While still waiting for the Titansbane to be refueled, I used the Titanbane’s auspex as a tether for the Outlaw, and displayed the battlefield on my console. We had just left the asteroid field containing Footfall, and there were hundreds of enemy markers all over the map, but at that point we knew most of them to be fake. There were surely at least a few ships out there, but not more than 20.

20 is not an insignificant amount…

Yet there was only one chasing us. Just one. Kayp’s a good pilot. I had faith that she could outrun this ship and its fighters with little issue. I could manuever around the asteroids in the outlaw expertly. All the cover meant that line of site would be hard to come by. Even at 20 ships, most wouldn’t be in a position to fire on me, let alone see me. Out in the open, Kayp could make the Titansbane haul ass faster than anyone.

They don’t need me.

Suddenly, Zulfikar cut the vox channel. That meant the fight was going worse. I rushed off the Outlaw and into my quarters. I didn’t have long, only half an hour, an hour at most. I packed a small crate, and ran back to the outlaw, strapping it in.

Zulfikar needs help. And, two birds with one stone this way…

I pushed the Outlaw to max speed out of the Titansbane and barrelled toward the enemy ship. I scanned it with the auspex only to reveal, no weapons.

“Damn,” I said to myself. “Plan B it is.”

I kicked the Outlaw into a dive, and pushed toward the enemy fighter bay. I re-oriented the nose, and right at the last minute, I ejected, launching towards Footfall.

Or, I would have, if the plan went as expected. I should just stop expecting things to work out as expected. The sudden change in velocity and angle made me pass out, well before I could finish exectuing the maneuver.

I awoke to flashing alarm lights all over the cockpit of the Outlaw. I don’t know what happened, but the ship was hulked. All the screens were blank, reserve power slowly cutting out. My hand reflexively moved to the eject switch.

Maybe blindly ejecting is a bad idea, I thought to myself, as I slowly withdrew my hand, trying to figure out where I was and how long I had been out. I remembered my crate and frantically looked around. It was still strapped in where I left it. I got up and checked the lockbox inside the crate, undamaged.

Dodged a bullet on that one

I had enough rations on the Outlaw to last me a few days, a week if I spread it out well. I grabbed the first and started into it, trying to plan what to do next.

1 Day Later

I saw the exhaust plume hours before the ship finally arrived. I got up ad went through the crate again. I put on my armor and made sure my weapons were in order. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough room for Jimmy 3.0, but I can survive without her for a bit I guess. I wouldn’t have been able to fit my armor, or anything else, had I put her in there. I entered MALIK into the lockbox, it opened. I pulled the vial out and stashed it in one of my pockets. I checked and rechecked my pistols and armor, and waited for the mystery ship to get closer.

Once they were near, I turned my SOS on full blast and waited. Regardless if they were allies or not, the odds of them coming out of their way to come get me were low, with all the fighting that must still have been going on. Luckily though, they came to me. And that’s when I saw who I had alerted to my position.

I let out a long breath as it neared. Mechanicus, lucky.

After they had pulled in the wreckage of the Outlaw into their bay, I emerged to a handful of acolytes waiting for me. They knew the Outlaw to be originally Zulfikar’s, and after some brief explanation of how it became mine, and that I was one of the Rainwalkers, they led me through the ship. Apparently the Rainwalkers had gained some noteriety from more than just those on Footfall.

The ship was on it’s way to Footfall to assist Zulfikar. Their Archmagos, Praed Exter, provided me with a room, and command of a fighter squadron based on my alliance to their cause, and my skill at piloting. It was going to take us a few days to get to Footfall, apparently I had drifted pretty far from the initial battle. On the way there were a handful of enemy ships, most of which fled at the site of the mechanicus juggernaut heading toward them. The few that couldn’t run fast enough we made examples of. The ones that tried to fight, no longer exist in substantial enough chunks to be recognizeable as ever being ships in the first place.

That ship is awesome.

Sunlight, After the Rains

“Why do you do all this for me?”

Trivius sighs, his answer measured and practiced. “Because, unlike Sildus,” he lays a bandage over the last of the fresh welts on my back, and I hiss in pain, “I don’t believe in damaging my investments.”

My muscles slowly relax as the numbing salve goes to work, and Trivius runs a hand through my hair, smoothing out the knots. He hates this. I feel it when Sildus calls me to his office for “performance evaluation”, whenever the captain casually touches my shoulder or pats me on the head like I’m a child. I feel it every time Trivius finds me curled in on myself in my quarters, bloody clothes sticking to my back, and gathers me up with arms that shake in rage that, for once, he doesn’t bother to smother.

He leans over me then, lips at my neck and hips grinding against my backside. “It’s a pity you can’t see, little one. You don’t know how beautiful you are.”

And I close all my senses, shut everything out but his breath at my ear and his heartbeat against my back. There’s a fierce possessiveness to him when he takes me like this, and I can almost hear him whispering “Mine” over and over as his breathing becomes ragged and his rhythm falters. He pulls my head back with a fist in my hair, puts his mouth to my shoulder and leaves a mark of his own.

I come to in Inaja’s arms, bleary and confused. When did I fall asleep? And why, why do I still dream of these things? My senses automatically reach out, searching for Kayp.

And I find we’re in the midst of a war zone. The Titansbane looms over us, harassed by small fighters and ground assault. Everywhere is gunfire, shouted orders, and the whine of engines as the fighters whizz overhead. And at the center of it all, not a meter away, is a point of light, blinding in its purity.

“She had no right—”

“Does it matter? She never asked anything from you.” An unfamiliar female voice interrupts Sigmund, her voice icy. “If you don’t want him then give him away. Children don’t need their fathers.”

New life. New life, untainted, untouched by pain or suffering. The woman holds the sun out to Sigmund, and he takes it, his energy colored with bitter helplessness.

Children don’t need their fathers.

A few years ago, I would have agreed. But that was before Sigmund gave me a choice when he pulled me from the wreckage of Sildus’s hubris, before I heard Zulfikar speak to me of his daughter, before I heard his deep, steady voice crack when he said you are so young, as young as she was. And when Sigmund holds his son out with a wordless plea, I know all at once what I must do.

“Inaja, put me down.” I say quietly, and he jumps and lowers me to the ground.

Relief washes over Sigmund when I step forward to take his child. I think that he knew I would be the one to absolve him of this burden, to grant him the freedom to decide his own fate as he once did for me. I hold the light close to my chest as Sigmund leaves us, and I want to scream at him don’t go, please don’t leave me, but Zulfikar needs him, Janoor needs him.

I look down at the peaceful, beautiful glow sleeping in my arms, and the name comes to me.


The man with many faces

There is little time. There is always so little time.

We are making for the black, and my mind still roils from the sight. Visions of a madman, thrown himself into the abyss of psychotics and chemicals to fuel a desperate last stand. One he must know leads into the open arms of death. He screams and he laughs.

I bellow and charge.

In the desperate hour of our reckoning I call the red path to me, and I crash down its gates. He is fast, but I am faster. He is strong, and I am stronger. His blows ring against my bones like thunder, and I breath his intoxicating madness.

And now there is an ocean of his pain, and his face is everywhere. But the emperor bodes no failure, and I tolerate even less. I cut them all down, lest they sink their glowing fangs into the throats of my brethren.Emir with his smoking arms. Zarko with his burning maw. The lidless fury of an unbound Nyx. The blinding salvation of a screaming Kayp. Ringing wails from a planet called Krieger, stifled behind a mask. He shall have none of them The heads spin and swell, flowing together into a tidal wave of our demise. But I shall hold this with the shield of the emperor, and I shall make his fury my blade. So many of him laugh. So many of him fall. I pile the bodies and shriek my rage.

We are outside now. My friends reached into the blistering heat and pulled me back. I see the monster around me still, but they assure me he has died. But i see his eyes on each of their faces, and I see his grin on the mouths of our new foes. I grow weary now, but the red drives me still. I battled him again, ten to me, as the soft skins were pulled from the wreckage by Sigmund, and ushered into the shadows. The grins around me fade, eyes now wide with terror as their blows patter like rain. I continue to cut, to slice and to rip until Zarko finds me. The deed is done, though I can hear the laughter still. It swirls and claws around my face.

The cry of a child. Pulls me back to the world.

Sigmund is handing a baby to Nyx. For the first time I see them both for what they are. A shattered lighthouse and a broken quill, all their trust laid bare. I see them both in a new light, and I tell Sigmund to live for our return. I escort them to the ship, stealing glances at the man I judged too soon, knowing he will never see them. My heart is heavy. We will escape into the night above us, and on this rock shall leave the man of many faces behind. I vow to keep the child alive, and to shield him from the voices, both within and without. I will call out to my new family, and we shall drink and revel in our victory. I shall make my amends, and my promises.

But now we have no time. We never have any time.

Kayp Log 23
And the shit hit the fan

I had an idea. A brilliant idea… It needed to be executed immediately. Heading off to Inaja’s room I entered in without a hitch. This was a lot easier than expected. Closing the door quietly behind me I turned to face the room and ran directly into Inaja.

“Oof!” I bounced off him and looked up in horror at Inaja staring down at me surprised and possibly annoyed.

“What are you be the doing in here?”

“I- uh, need help with something…” I then rambled on about the missing snotling and how I needed help catching it.

“You’re lieing..” He said narrowing his sharp cat eyes.

I stared up at him wide eyed… and ran! I couldn’t think of anything clever to get me out of the situation.. I would think of something later and in the mean time. Stay away from Inaja. This good idea would have to wait.. for now.

We were almost to Footfall. After getting a lot of the SOS crew to stay behind and work on the temple for the Ecclesiarchy, we went about the market to get more minors to help with the building. Inaja went about and mingled with the crowd making sure the people who came to help were given food. I brought up the idea to the rest of the crew that we should find a spokesperson among them who might hold some weight with the community to get more help for us. A few new groups were rallied with his help and everything seemed under control from there. I set up some outdoor lighting for the now temple workers and soon we were off. As we left we blew up the ruin and told the Ecclesiarchy that we had made an example of the men to blame. I think they just gave them Vult’s body. They don’t need to know the whole truth. Hopefully things would get figured out and they would find someway to be at peace on that planet. But that was all behind us now.

Arriving at Footfall, I was having deja vu all over again. The city seemed to be holding its breath and it reaminded me a lot of when we had returned from Rain. Shit was about to happen..

Going to Zulfikar’s we looked around at the devastation of the area. This was not like when we came back from Rain. This was much much worse. Explosions had gone off, here and there was broken rubble, and destroyed livlihoods as far as the eye could see across the markets. Arriving at the gates to Zulfikars the guards looked on edge. There were walls blasted through, and the men looked a bit scuffed up and heavily armed (more than usual).

“Are you working for the Kasiballica Mission?” Zulfikar boomed across the table.

We sat at a large meeting table similar to the feasting table but without the spirits and good vibes. Zulfikar’s fist hit the table and I jumped and stared wide eyed at the enraged man.

“Janoor can vouch for us.. We came immediately to tell you what the Kasiballica Mission commanded.” I spoke up glancing to Janoor. “We tried sending you a message to meet with us.”

“What message?” Zulfikar said between gritted teeth.

Sigmund explained all that we had been doing to Zulfikar and he stared in silence from one person to the next as we sat quietly across the table from him.

“If you really are working for me, and you have not turned against me, then I need something from you. Kill Farouk.”

And with that we left.

We arrived at Farouk’s without a hitch. Inside the ballroom looked much different then I remembered. The once elegant room stood in shambles, broken glass lay scattered across the floor. The only thing that looked untouched was the chandelier..

“So he sent you, did he?”

Farouk looked like shit. He stood across the ballroom floor from us leaning heavily in the bar. His hair was wild and his once beautiful clothes were tattered and almost blown off his body in places.

“Zulfikar will kill you as soon as he is finished with you… He will send orders to have you killed just like he has for me… His godson.”

He grabbed two vials from the table and chugged them both down. Neon liquid ran down from his lips and dripped down onto his clothes staining where they hit the fabric. He spun his finger in the air and music started to play. I peered past Emir to see a DJ standing behind a booth on one side. Giant headphones on his head, he nodded with the beat and his fingers flitted across the board in front of him. Man that dude lived to party. Zarko dashed after Farouk and went flying through the air has his foot touched the dance floor. Note to self.. Don’t touch the dance floor..

The battle was fierce. We had a few close calls. Nyx and I fought next to Krieger to get the surprise on Farouk as he wrestled with Inaja and Zarko. Zarko retreated back as he looked like he was about to pass out. Blood dripped from his face and torso. Farouk laughed madly and stuck himself with more drugs from hidden syringes he pulled from his pants leg. With a quick warning from Nyx, Inaja dove behind a pillar and Farouk, now isolated, turned to look as Nyx let out a shout that rang out in my ears. I flinched at what was about to come. I shut my eyes tight as I imagined, Nyx removing his headband and opening his third eye to Farouk. What Nyx could do was…. Frightening.. I stuck close to Nyx’s back and waited for the screams.. but they did not come. I opened my eyes just in time to see Farouk charge with his sword high straight toward Nyx. My adrenaline took over and everything seemed to move in slow motion as his powerful swing came down on Nyx. Nyx wasn’t moving fast enough.. He was going to get hit! I grabbed the collar of his jacket and pulled him closer to me, the sword barley a hairs length from the man I loved. Farouk HAD to die… This was personal now. Another swing and another came at us. I dodged easily but Nyx couldn’t keep up. He was struck and knocked down.. I grabbed ahold of him and drug him behind the DJ booth. I shouted to the DJ for help but he couldn’t hear me. He quizzically looked down at me and gave me a thumbs up as he kept nodding to the beat and spun more music onto his sound board. I couldn’t really be mad… That dude lived to party.

Emir took the final shot and it was all over…. I stared down at the man for a moment. This was Zulfikars godson?

I was startled by a crash in the corner and spun around to see Inaja on all fours growling at the sofa.

Wtf happened to him?

He let out a mighty roar and pounced. Pillows and bit of fabric went flying through the air as he slashed and bit at the couch.

“I’ll kill you Farouk!” he yelled with a mouth full of down feathers.

“You’re still with Zulfikar, are you?” A soft voice said from the shadows. A woman with dark blue hair walked forward. I recognized her as the distraught woman from the party. Serene Anguish was her name, I believe.

“You better hurry.. The Kasiballica Mission is on their way to him now.” I couldn’t tell if she was mocking us or helping us.

Subduing Inaja so we could leave was a challenge. Krieger and Emir struggled to knock down the massive feral cat and I jumped into the fray to help much to Nyx’s displeasure. Krieger gave Inaja something to help with Inaja’s hallucinations and soon we were on our way outside. Inaja, ears twitching, muttered about Farouks everywhere as he looked this way and that.

Voxing Janoor, she informed us of a group escaping the compound who needed escorted to safety. The Kassiballica Mission was closing in and we needed at least one of these people alive. We took off toward where they were last seen.

“That’s the bald headed bitch from the Mission..” I heard someone mutter.

We peered out from an alleyway and could see a line of people being quickly gained upon from two groups of tough looking thugs. One of the groups was led by the bald woman from the mysterious room at the back of the bar. Krieger shouldered her long-range rifle and took an expert shot across the square. Her body crimpled and the gang of people shouted in a rage. I blinked in disbelief, only remembering we were here to fight when Nyx brushed past me and stood in the center of the road facing a group directly in front of us. I recognized that stance and determination in his face. I quickly ran over and took a position to his side but standing a few paces behind him for safety. The rest of the crew took up places behind us as well.

Nyx took one step forward and opened his eye toward the group. Whether from the excursion of the strain or the recent battle, Nyx faltered and nothing happened to the group. He fell unconscious from the effort. I quickly rushed forward to grab his crumpling body and the others ran forward into battle. Panicked, I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t just hide and do nothing. We needed to save those men.. Taking a moment to find a safe place I stashed Nyx’s body behind a large box and did my best to hid him. I kissed his forehead lightly and whispered, “I’ll be back for you..” before I turned and dashed back into the street.

Sigmund ran in front and intercepted the line of men we were instructed to save. They ran behind him but a shot to Sigmund caused them to panic and scatter. Like frightened cattle they scattered and took off down different sides of the road. Running forward to the next alleyway that connected to the one we had arrived from, I intercepted two of the men and ushered them into to safety of the darkness.

“Keep running that way!” I heard the booming voice of Zarko behind them. He quickly appeared from around the corner. “You got these guys?”

I nodded and he took off again to grab some more of the panicked men. I glanced back to where Nyx’s unconscious body lay and said a silent prayer that he would remain unnoticed.

I ran back and forth with the groups of men getting then out of the firefight. Two by two they came and went. Far off I could hear Inaja’s roar echoing down the alleyway passages.

“Farouks everywhere! Must kill them all!”

The last group had gone by and I ran my heart pounding in my ears. I ran till my legs burned and I could barely breathe. I would not stop or slow until Nyx was safety in my arms. Until he remain safe by my side. I skidded to a halt by the box in the aley and practically threw it aside grasping Nyx desperately to me. “I’m here… I’m here.”

The port was under attack. The slave children were getting ushered into ships from Nashats handmaidens. I hesitated as a handmaiden came up to Sigmund with a loaf in her arms. Not a loaf. A child!

“She had no right!” He boomed as she held out the small baby to Sigmund.

“Does it matter?!” she shot back fire in her eyes and venom in her words. “If you don’t want it, throw it aside! Children do not need their fathers!”

Sigmund flinched at her words and took the child. He turned ack to us and looked from one face to another and then finally his gaze landed on me. Nyx took the child and walked into the ship and Sigmund grabbed me and held his face close to the side of my head.

“Take care of Nyx.”

Then he left.

Personal Log 834.M41 Personal Quarters, Titansbane



A foreign concept on Krieg. This word carries no meaning there in the familial sense.

Krieg do not have families. We lost that right. It was taken from us when the heretics rebelled.


The word must carry many different meanings for those not like me. Those born to families, not made to die in war.

A figure to emulate, to aspire to be like… a shadow cast down from, one to hope to escape…

Tobius would talk endlessly of the war exploits of his grandfather and father before him. The words ment nothing to me at the time, I believed he only loved to fill the silence with his own voice, but perhaps there was more to it then that.

I wonder what they ment to Sigmund. When the Hand Maiden handed him his child and said those words a pained expression flashed across his usually expressionless face. He left us to fight here on Footfall, while we flee to cross the Maw once more.

What drove him to take such aggressive action personally, to leave his ship, his writ, and his child in our care while he stays here to fight? He seemed to be leavinfg to search for something. Maybe the true meaning in those words… maybe something in himself. Whatever it is, I hope he finds it.

Living is a game of balance
And the scale is always changing.

We were able to convince the workers to help build the church, significantly more showed up to help than I had expected. They have food and supplies to last a while for them. When you’re starving and dying, an offer of peace and food tips the scale pretty easily…

We knew it would be an uncomfortable return. We did not expect this.

We got back to Footfall, and I could barely recognize it. We made it to Zulfikar’s facility, it had been hit hard. Janoor looked relatively unharmed. Zulfikar looked pretty rough. Still very much alive, but he had clearly been in the thick of it.

Where’s my map?

Hodor’s meddling shifted the scales. The instability his “information” caused to this port will be felt for generations. We were able to convince Zulfikar that we were on his side, provided we killed Farouk for him.

We had a deal!

Footfall was in bad shape. Some of the asteroids had lost their tethers entirely, slowly drifting off and away. Maybe everyone on them were either already dead, or able to evacuate. Neither scenario seemed likely. Other asteroids were covered in fires and explosions. They still had oxygen then. That was expected. You kill nobody, and you can’t win. You kill too many, and you’ve lost equally as bad.
It’s good for both sides I wasn’t on port when this started. The fires would have been put out long ago, as the atmo was evacuated. I know what side of the scale I’m on. I will survive until I no longer need to. If others have to die for that to happen, that’s unfortunate, but I won’t lose more sleep than normal on account of it.

Perhaps now is not the time.

We made it to Farouk’s without issue. This area had obviously already cleared out, though whether that was due to the fighting, or because of Farouk’s orders, I’m unsure. It seems more likely that it was because of him. Nothing like an altered state to not worry about trying to survive anymore, I expected to see some other drugged people laying around, unaware that the balance had left their control. There were none.
He injected himself multiple times over the fight, but I think in the end all the side effects had caused his end. Too much to control.

We dispatched Farouk after a few close calls, including some MORE unnecessary friendly fire from Emir. We were then tasked with securing some Calixus emissaries that had been associating with Zulfikar. They were under attack. The longer they went without our assistance, the further the balance shifted out of their favor. We lost one of them, but were able to save the other 5. When you are scared and helpless, someone ordering commands like, “Run!” can easily take control of the situation.

We escorted them back to the Titansbane, which had itself become a new battleground. Nashat and her soldiers were helping our crew defend the port as best they could, but it looked to be a losing battle. Before loading up we were intercepted by one of Nashat’s people, carrying a baby. Sig’s baby. Nashat had forced his scales to shift, whether that was what he was thinking or something else, he clearly was not okay with the situation.
Sig gave the kid to us and told us to leave. Trying to take control for himself, or give his kid his best chance, I couldn’t say.

I rushed up to the Outlaw and that’s where I’m sitting now, in the hanger. The Titansbane rocking around me as it’s slowly bombarded. And I’m back at the balance yet again.
Do I go to Zulfikar’s to get that map I was promised?
Do I stay here and wait for us to leave Footfall?

There’s apparently a fleet up there somewhere, just waiting for us. Hopefully some of the ships up there are allies.

I’m sure the Outlaw is fast enough I can make it to his place, get the map, and return in time for the battle. But will he give it to me right now in the midst of this battle? Doubtful. What if there’s a fight at his place and I have to spend extra time just getting to him? It may be too late to return to the Titansbane then. What if he’s killed or his place destroyed because we left? Then I’m no worse off I guess. But then I just fall further behind, and I don’t know if I can spare yet another setback. What if the battle above starts earlier than expected, can they survive long enough without me? Probably, but at what cost?

And so I sit here. In the Outlaw. Ready to leave or stay as soon as my scale tips one way or the other.


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